Yet Another iOS WebBlog Why Are Apple's iPhones So Hot Right Now

I'm a phone app developer & I have utilized both Android & iPhone equipment. Unfortunately it is a fact that many people buy the iPhone to just gloat.

But there happen to be a few important functions which makes iDevices an intelligent choice. The iPad protects it's user's privacy well enough. Only Apple approved apps can access the phone's calling logs, messages & other features, and this really is considered really important. In the Android OS it is the norm that third party applications in fact do read your call data and messaging data. If you have downloaded and installed a new app & it could read and transmit your sms and other data such as account details.

And also consider the equipment users who really don't peruse the access permissions requests whilst downloading & installing apps. All apps in the Appstore have been comprehensively tested via Apple manually & by the machine process before having the app on Apple's app marketplace. Due to this there is no chance of spy apps showing in the App Store. Regarding the Android OS, an unknown app programmer is able to publish whatever type of game.

Regarding usability, iPad excels, hold a iPhone XS Max in your hand and hold an Android phone in your other. When you call a number and see the results. This response wait is great on the iDevice. Apple's typing interface continues to be great when using iPhone. Especially when you are typing in the browser. Apple always provides new OS updates to all devices. But the cheap Android phones are not upgradable and will be outdated in next 1 year. That's another major issue with most of the Android phones.

Overall hardware is far better in iOS with compare to Android phones. Whether it is body, battery back up, battery life etc. Calling is also very good in iPhones. Have you ever seen that someone is talking over iPhone and voice is coming out? But on most of the Android phones voice comes out why calling and can be listened easily by nearby people. iPhones are strong enough. You may have noticed that you do not see someone's iPhone with cracked screen. But in case of Android like Micromax you may seen a lot of people with broken screens. iPhone screen glass is strong enough and does not break on easy drops.

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